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 My name is Katarina. I am the owner of siberian cats cattery, which name SIB Berry. Our siberian cats are only the known and checked up lines. They have a full pedigree. All pets in our cattery- the present siberians cats wild color. In our cattery you will see pets very rare color - gold, too.

In the work I aspire to receive the pets as much as possible corresponding to the standard.

I check all pets of  their cattery on virus and genetic diseases. Health of my pets - the most important thing for me. The new owner can receive copies of inquiries.

My pets are members of my family. They don't contain in cages. Each cat takes place for a dream, for games and rest. All cats of my cattery very tender, kind and contact.


I very much love the pets, therefore my cats don't participate in breeding till 8 years. Cats (females) don't give birth to kittens more 3th time in 2 years.

For me is very important where I sell a kitten. I will be very glad to learn about you a lot of information - to see a photo you and your house, to see as there live your pets, to learn that they eat.



If you has interest to buy the Siberian kitten, write to me and I will place you in a waiting list.

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